March, 2010, Adelia and I made a road trip to Vegas as Terry Fator's guests, attending his First Anniversary Show at the Mirage. The following is a brief photo journal account of that delightful week.
(Due to a major rock slide in Glenwood Canyon that closed I-70 for several days, we were forced to take a 200 mile detour through the Rockies as we drove west, so that is where we begin ... )


Blue skies were welcome after a morning of driving in the snow!
Somewhere between Craig and Rifle, Colo. A lot of

wide open spaces - very pretty.

Just outside of Steamboat on the way to Craig.

On the road from Silverthorne to Steamboat.


The photo above was taken through our hotel window in Cedar City, Utah. The pictures below are along the road across the state. Every mile a new panoramic view of beauty. I certainly wouldn't want to make the drive every day, but I've enjoyed every mile of the drive this once!

Not a lot of traffic, so cruising was easy.

Adelia says she's seen all the rocks she wants to see...but she'll have to look at the back side of the same rocks on the way home! Many canyons, too. With ever changing colors. The snow that fell overnight added a unique face to the land.

This "rift" of rocks ran for 30 miles north and south. I guess cutting through the rock to make way for I-70 to pass through was a major engineering feat and wasn't completed until the '80s. This is looking west. The views on the other side were spectacular for miles. When you read a sign that says "No services for the next 107 miles", you know you're in for some solitary driving. But the ever changing views made it anything but boring. Thanks to satellite radio, we listened to tournament basketball games the entire way!

Arizona ....

We were surprised to discover I-15 was going to take us through the upper NW corner of the state of Arizona, but the relatively few miles included passage through spectacular Virgin Canyon, and that, in itself, was well worth the trip!
And then we rounded this bend (above) and the view in seconds transitioned to the far stretches of desert land (below) which, in our mind, were more in keeping with our expectations of the desert SW.

Nevada ....

We made it to our destination: The Mirage. This picture was taken on the back side of the west wing (one of three wings). I was reminded in some ways of the Sheraton in Addis Ababa. Tomorrow I want to go around to the front and take in that sight. We arrived from the front side, but I was so busy trying to locate the drive in entrance, I didn't actually see anything!
Our room, one of 3,ooo+ rooms in the hotel. I think it's very nice. Adelia was less impressed. But what do I know I'm a guy! Besides, my job is just to be able to find my way back to it when once we leave it! One thing you learn very quickly about this huge place, and that is that the only way to get anywhere in the entire mini-city (which the Mirage is) is through the casino! Need a restroom? "Through the casino and to your left." The elevator? "Go to the far end of the casino and to the right." A cup of coffee? That's Starbucks, "far end of the casino and right down the restaurant plaza."
The only chairs to be found are in locations that are going to cost you money. (Thank goodness we brought Adelia's scooter!) And there are no clocks. It's an amazing place in many ways, a mini-city, actually,but I know it wasn't built because guests are being sent home with more money than they came with - which makes it very easy for me to pass quickly through the gaming areas.

Our host even provided his own personal water for us!

This afternoon we visited the "Secret Garden" of Seigfreid & Roy. Truly a tropical jungle inhabited by exotic animals.

...and playful dolphins which were great fun to watch from the underwater viewing areas.

The Ultimate "Dealer Table"!

All products in this store are "Terry Fator" merchandise. All profits go to USA veteran and military organizations.
The lobby to the Terry Fator Theater. Would you believe, when it came show time, they even provided valet service for Adelia's scooter?!
Back stage before the show. We've known Terry for nearly 40 years (since he was age 10), and have communicated throughtout the years, but this was our first face to face meeting. Very special.
Also back stage before the show (L-R): (Yours truly), Jay Johnson, Terry, Jimmy Nelson (and Farfel), and Dan Horn. We actually had a good amount of time to visit throughout the evening/night/early morning. :-)
With one of our favorite ventriloquists and our favorite dog!

Show time!

I guess most new Vegas shows never make it to their 1st anniversary, so when it does, it's a huge red-carpet party and media event. Because invited media made up a significant portion of the audience, Terry announced from the stage that people attending this show could take pictures and even short videos - all they wanted. I took a few, but soon got caught up in the show and turned my camera off. The graphics, lights, and live band are truly Vegas-worthy!

The Mirage...

My favorite of all the food shops and restaurants at the Mirage! A dozen tasty flavors and several dozen toppings. All "Build-it-yourself"! And always a friendly employee waiting to serve samples.
Taken while on our gondola ride a the Venetian.

At the entrance to Treasure Island


Outside the entrance to Caesar's Palace or the huge shopping complex next door - I'm not sure which...after visiting several of the mega-sites they all start blurring together!

Living statues (every hour on the hour the big guy in the middle and his buddies come to "life" and put on some sort of mythological presentation. We watched it but I certainly didn't understand it all. Give me puppets any day!

This appears to be out of doors, but's all how the ceiling is painted and the lighting.